New Capital

New Capital.

The New Administrative Capital, a large-scale project  in Egypt that has been under construction since 2015 developed to serve as the administration center of the country housing the main government departments and ministries and foreign embassies
The location of Capital Universities has been strategically picked to tailor to the needs of an existing and growing urban center, and the needs of foreseeable, natural expansions of the city, in terms of geography and population.
New Cairo capital city is located 45 KM east of Cairo of a total area of 170,000 feddan. The new capital city lies between the regional ring road, the Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-El Ain El Sokhna Road.

The city is planned to consist of 21 residential districts and 25 “dedicated districts”. Its downtown is to have skyscrapers, including the Obelisk Capital that is designed in the form of a Pharaonic obelisk and will stand at a height of 1,000 meters (3,300 ft), becoming the tallest in the world; and the Iconic Tower, which is the tallest in Africa. The city will also have a central park, artificial lakes, about 2,000 educational institutions, a technology and innovation park, 663 hospitals and clinics, 1,250 mosques and churches, a 90,000-seat stadium, 40,000 hotel rooms, a major theme park four times the size of Disneyland, 90 square kilometers of solar energy farms, an electric railway link with Cairo and a new international airport at the site of the Egyptian Air Force’s existing Wadi al Jandali Airport

It will be built as a smart city. It is planned that the transfer of parliament, presidential palaces, government ministries and foreign embassies will be completed between 2022 and 2023