Our Campus

Our Campus.

Capital Universities is a leading educational institution created to cater for the demand of renovated higher education and to provide distinguished education for a better generation.
Capital Universities designed to accommodate over 15,000 full-time students based on full operation capacity in multiple academic areas. the campus is built on 50 acres, will be phased within a period of 7 years. First student intake is planned for January 2023 in selected bachelor-level programs.
we allocated 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds to invest in Project

We know that the branch will reflects the University’s size and scope, so the branch will be appropriately scaled with a wise use of resources where the effect and impression given by the arrangements and furnishings should keep the university image internationally.
Appropriate and adequate physical resources and support services will be available to accommodate the proposed academic programs including both teaching and special requirements.
Sports facilities and temporary student lounge and dining areas will be available till the opening of Student union building. student union building will include lounges, wellness centers, dining facilities and entertainment venues, one stop shop the building will host all student affairs and activities and the offices of the student government or other student groups. It may also act as a conference center.
the university will use solar energy at the final stages where the plan 50% of the ceiling cover by solar units to provide solar energy also at the campus we use fiber optics capable and smart automation system